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Afield, which lasted 3 years of preparation and development, started from the real needs of road riding, designed specific geometry, and set rigidity and weight targets. After repeated trials, laboratory tests and professional driver road tests, continuous adjustment and improvement, and finally create an excellent bike to accompany you on the battlefield.

Innovative High Performance Composite

It is not just the material but how you derive the path from setting product goals to achieving them.The HPC process starts with a high-quality carbon fibre materia. We have development engineers with over 10 years of experience with this material and they set stringent product targets to aim for.  Then we use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) which is the virtual modelling of stress within the frame and combine this with laboratory tests and road tests.  From this we optimise the combination of carbon lay ups, tube cross-section, and geometric features to create a balanced solution in terms of rigidity, compliance, and weight.

Functional Geometry System

We combined our knowledge of ergonomics and bike fitting into the frame geometry.  By analysing the characteristics and habits of most cyclists we have optimised the cockpit space.  The larger the stack to reach value the larger angle of the handlebar, so you can abandon the extra stem spacers, giving more rigidity to the head tube (and it looks simpler and cleaner as well).  The principals of the FGS will help you to better realise  “human to bike integration” and that results in comfort and speed.


The whole asymmetrical transmission structure is composed of bottom brackets, chainstays, and seat tubes to strengthen the rigidity of the bottom brackets, improve the overall pedaling efficiency, and balance the pedaling output on both sides.

High Vertical

Through the extremely flat seat stay design and the optimization of IHPC, Afield can filter small vibrations during high-speed travel. Ensure performance and smoothness.


SEKA Afield is officially approved by UCI to participate in all UCI events.

High-quality carbon fiber raw materials from Toray. We choose high-quality materials and try our best to give full play to the performance of the materials.

Frame Geometry