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We conduct Finite Element Analysis to optimize lamination, geometry and cross-sectional contour of our bikes, using a hybrid formula of carbon composite material, and work back and forth between labs and test rides to improve ride quality. The end result is a perfect balance between stiffness, lightweight and compliance.

By the thinning seatstays design and IHPC optimization, Afield ensures racing-ready performance with improved comfort, smoothing out the vibration during fast cruising.

We choose the best materials to maximize the performance.

We have our own philosophy about geometry, integrating our knowledge and experience in ergonomics into the design. Functional Geometry System (FGS) turns the bike into an extension of your limbs.

The asymmetric power transferring structure consists of the bottom bracket, the chainstays and the seat tube, offering improved pedaling responsiveness, efficiency, and balance between sides.

SEKA Afield is eligible for events on your UCI calendar.


Frame Geometry