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Comprehensive use of a variety of fiber materials, through finite element analysis, analyzing the lay-up, geometric and section shape. Continuous optimization combined with laboratory testing and riders’ feedback. In the end, an optimized balance of product stiffness, weight and compliance is obtained.

Through the extremely flat seat stay design and the optimization of IHPC, Afield can filter small vibrations during high-speed travel. Ensure performance and smoothness.

High-quality carbon fiber raw materials from Toray. We choose high-quality materials and try our best to give full play to the performance of the materials.

We combined the knowledge of ergonomics into the geometric design of the frame, thus deriving a set of concepts for bicycle geometry. FGS will help you better realize the “combination of people and bikes”.

The whole asymmetrical transmission structure is composed of bottom brackets, chainstays, and seat tubes to strengthen the rigidity of the bottom brackets, improve the overall pedaling efficiency, and balance the pedaling output on both sides

SEKA Afield is officially approved by UCI to participate in all UCI events.


Frame Geometry