SEKA Warranty & Solutions

All SEKA products had undergone strict quality control procedures before arriving at your hands. All SEKA products are provided with warranty services.

Warranty Period:

●Frames: lifetime warrantied.

●Rigid forks: 5 years.

●Other carbon components, ordered separately: 2 years.

●Suspension forks, Shimano or Sram components, excluding expendable parts, e.g., chains, chainrings, cassettes: 2 years.

Terms & Conditions:

●SEKA products are designed to meet multiple safety standards. Before use, please read the manual carefully and follow the safety instructions/restrictions.

●The replacement product will be of identical model to that of the products in warranty request. An equivalent product from the latest lineup will be provided when the requested one is out of production.

The warranty only covers new products that were purchased from SEKA or a licensed retailer.

SEKA reserves the right of final decision.

How to submit a warranty:

We apologize for any unfortunate malfunctioning of our products. Please apply for a warranty claim via the following ways:

1. Contact your SEKA retailer from whom you purchased the product.

2.Send us an email if the product was purchased from SEKA online shop. Please include the following information:
Your name, phone number and address.
A copy of the invoice, or other certificate of purchase.
A whole picture of the product.
An image of the serial number/track number exhibited on the product.
Four or five images that properly show the damage of the product.
A copy of the Warranty Terms & Conditions.

The result will be notified by email or phone call within two office days. The instructions and procedure will be notified by email or phone call after the warranty claim admitted.

For products purchased from SEKA online shop, all expense will be covered by us if the warranty claim is proposed within six months from the day on which the product was purchased. The shipping fee will be afforded by the customer if the warranty claim is proposed out of the six-month period.

The following components and situations are excluded from this warranty:
  • Serial number deliberately damaged or falsified;
  • Certificate of purchase altered or lost;
  • Technical changes made to the product without the approval of the manufacturer;
  • Damage by wrong installation failing to follow SEKA’s instructions;
  • Damage due to inappropriate use such as tire pressure out of suggested range, bolts over tighten, seatpost not meeting minimum insert, etc.;
  • Later alteration/additions involving incompatible or non-original parts, without the approval of SEKA or a licensed retailer;
  • Failure due to inappropriate use or transport such as crash, collision, fall from height, acrobatic performance, etc.;
  • Damage due to unsuitable cleaning agents or additives, or tools such as high-pressure cleaners;
  • Consequential damage due to poor road conditions;
  • Wearing parts such as bearings, tires, inner tubes, shifting cables, bar tapes, braking pads, saddle, cassettes, chainrings, etc.;
  • Damage due to poor maintenance or untimely renewal of wearing parts;
  • Manmade damage of paint;
  • Commercial lending or hiring;
  • Damage due to a force majeure event.

Replacement or service for warranty-excluded products:


Please contact SEKA for product replacement or service requests. Requests out of warranty will be charged of part replacement, service and shipping fee. For more information, please visit SEKA’s official website or Wechat account.