All products sold by SEKA have undergone strict quality control before shipment to ensure good quality. Any product sold by SEKA enjoys a full range of after-sales guarantee services:

Warranty Period:

●SEKA frames are provided lifetime warranty service.

● Non-suspension forks are provided with a five-year warranty. 
● All separately retailed SEKA brand carbon fiber accessories provide a two-year warranty service.
●Shimano and Sram series products are provided two-year warranty service(not including consumables such as chains, flywheels, and chainrings).


The design of SEKA products is based on multiple standards. For your safety, please read the instructions carefully and observe the restrictions on personal safety before use.

●The replacement product is based on the same product. If the product has been discontinued, it will be replaced by the same level product in the new year.

Product warranty and replacement services are only provided to the original purchaser, and SEKA reserves the right of final interpretation.

Process:If the products we sell have quality problems during your use, we apologize, please contact our dealer directly, which is your product seller.

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

  • Intentionally change, deface and wear product serial numbers or production codes;
  • Altered, tampered with, or lost the proof of purchase;
  • Human factors such as unauthorized modification of product structure;
  • Failure to correctly assemble according to the product assembly instructions;
  • Product damage caused by non-compliance with usage specifications (such as tire pressure exceeding the standard range, excessive screw locking torque, seatpost safety line higher than the fixed ring or fixed block, etc., many unlisted factors);
  • Modification or replacement of original parts of our company without a special authorized dealer of SEKA;
  • Failure due to external forces, such as collision, falling from height, unreasonable placement, stunt performance, etc.;
  • Damage caused by improper cleaning operations;
  • Bending and fracture of rims, car body parts, etc. caused by road obstacles or potholes;
  • Consumables are consumed and worn during normal use (bearings, inner and outer tires, chains, inner and outer tubes of variable speed brakes, handlebar straps, brake blocks, pads, grips, cushions, flywheels, sprockets, etc.);
  • Failure to perform proper maintenance or replacement in time due to wear and tear of consumables, resulting in failure and damage to other parts;
  • Damage to the exterior paint surface of the product other than normal peeling;
  • Commercial rental users, or abnormal use;
  • Damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters.