SEKA Brand Story

Sage / Exceed / Keep / Artist

Respect the product, the riders, and the spirit of sportsmanship.

We stick to the idea of product specialization and refinement, to provide best-performing bikes.

Aggressive geometry allows you to go lower. However, over extended periods of riding time and tough terrains, riders can achieve higher returns by adopting a more stable riding position with more efficient paddling.

Whether it’s an engaged enthusiast or a professional racer. The best road bike geometric design corresponds to the best setting.
With 15 specifications for Exceed integrated handlebar and 0mm & 15mm offset seat posts, allows you to adjust to the fastest and most comfortable balance point that your body can achieve.

There is less resistance when riding high-speed thanks to the aerodynamic design. High rigidity reduces the amount of power lost when doing full-force pedaling. Ambitious weight reduction results in faster acceleration and better hill climb performance.

Today, aerodynamics, rigid strength, and lightweight are essential characteristics of every road bike. You want all three characters and it must also be reliable to ride, this is the fundamental concept that has been demonstrated at the highest level games. These are done by us meticulous polishing of the product design, an excellent carbon fiber production technic, and exceptionally high-quality control requirements.

A group of extreme enthusiasts with no sense of superiority.

Our average age is young, and being in the road bike business is largely about passion. We are all riders who have been riding for years.

There are picky product designers, rigorously trained cyclists, professional FITTER, and others. . . A group of people who come together to do what they love and make great road bikes

We’re picky about styling and stiffness. The love of cycling doesn’t allow us to muddle along.
It makes us happy to go to great lengths to create a dreambike that doesn’t compromise in every way.

We still have a lot of concepts to put into practice, and we always think we can make the ultimate bikes.