Team customization

I really envy you that you have a group of friends who ride together, in order to show your uniqueness,

Now, SEKA provides team customized services for the frame and bikes.

Custom conditions:

  1. More than 10 customized frames at one time (enjoy the customized price)
  2. Order more than 8 bikes at one time (enjoy customized prices)

How to customize:

Please send an email to the email address for customization requirements:

Customization process:

  1. The customer sends a customized application via email
  2. The customer and SEKA determine the customization requirements, including painting, specifications of bikes, etc.
  3. SEKA quotation, the customer pays 50% of the customized payment
  4. SEKA customized production is completed
  5. The customer pays the remaining 50% of the customized payment
  6. Deliver the product