Customize your SEKA

It’s always the best thing to hang out with your pals.Customize your SEKA bikes to demonstrate your style as a team.

Customize as a team and enjoy special offer:

  1. Order 10 or more framesets in a single purchase;
  2. Order 8 or more bikes in a single purchase;

How to place an order for your custom SEKA:

Send us an email and tell us what you want:


  1. Submit your request by email.
  2. Discuss and confirm the custom plan on paint, configuration, etc.
  3. Pay a deposit – 50% of the total price offered by SEKA – to place the order.
  4. SEKA prepares your custom bikes.
  5. Pay the remained 50% of the price.
  6. Gather your friends, collect your SEKA bikes and get ready to roll.