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A: The frame, the fork, the seat post, the headset,
and accessories like cable housing guides.
A: Yes. Our clamp is ready for both 7*7mm and 7*9mm
saddle rails.
A: The maximum width supported is 28c, with over 4mmspace on both sides between the tire and the chainstays in accordance with ISO standards.
A: Yes. The bottom bracket is not included in the frameset package.
A: Yes, but it is an optional part which can be purchased separately.
A: You will find three 10mms and two 5mms in the frameset
A: No, the handlebar is again optional. Both models of SEKAhandlebar are compatible, which are offered separately.
A:The frame, the fork, the handlebar (with CNC computer mount and 15 specifications available),the seat post (0 or 15mm offset), the clamps for oval or round saddle rails, the headset, and accessories like cable housing guides.

A:You will find two 10mms and four 5mms or three 10mms and two 5mms in the frameset package.

A:The maximum width supported is 30c, with over 4mm space on both sides between the tire and the chainstays in accordance with ISO standards.

A:Yes, choose the clamp that works for you as included in the package.

A:There are adapters for Garmin, Wahoo, Bryton, or anything that is compatible with the three above.

A:Yes, they are optional. The Token T47 to Shimano 24mm is currently available, as the ceramic model is coming onto our list.

A:No. The only option we are currently offering is T47 85.5mm to Shimano 24mm, which is rare on the market.
Please use SRAM’s bottom brackets for their cranksets.For Campagnolo, choices are limited but Ceramic Speed is one of the makers there.
FAQs About SEKA Handlebar

A:So far, the headset adapters are ready for Specialized Tarmac SL7,Trek Emonda, Trek Madone, Cannondale Supersix Evo, Cannondale Systemsix, Focus Izalco Max, and models with FSA ACR System like Merida Reacto, BH G8, Bianchi Oltre XR4, etc. We are working on more models for the likes of Ridley Helium, Factor O2, Factor Ostro.

A:Yes, there are currently 15 options available.

A:Yes, please confirm with your retailer before purchase.

A:Yes, with the adapters which are optional.

A:325-355g, depending on configuration. For a 400mm-100mm, the weight is 325±15g.

Weighing data
The following numbers represent the weights of two randomly selected samplesfrom different configurations, each withfour cable guides and steerer tighteningbolts included.
380-100: 337g   343g
380-110: 340g   338g
400-100: 345g   342g
400-110: 350g   353g
400-120: 348g   356g
FAQs In General

A:For customers in China, please contact your local retailer or SEKA’s official Taobao online shop. For customers in other areas, please send an email to ride@sekabikes.com for more information.

A:There are currently no such options. You’re welcome to consider framesets or frameset-and-wheels package.

A:EXCEED RDC is mainly made from 30T and 40T prepregs by Mitsubishi, whereas EXCEED from 24T and 30T. For reference, Mitsubishi’s 24T is equivalent to Toray’s T700, 30T to T800. 40T is close to T1000.

A:Please confirm with your retailer.

A:We are working on more options but at the moment only those listed on the catalog are available.

A:In China we opt for SF Express. For international customers, we suggest you to choose a local logistics service provider.

A:Taobao orders require an Alipay account. We will look for other solutions in case you have any issues with Alipay.

A:All orders directly from SEKA can be sent with performance invoices. Otherwise please contact your dealer.

A:Sorry but unfortunately no.