Dear SEKA users, this guidance is to help you better understand our warranty policy, and how you may begin the service if needed.

All SEKA products had undergone strict quality control procedures before arriving at your hands.

All SEKA products are provided with warranty services.


1.Learn the terms and conditions

· warranty period · warranty coverage

2.Submit your warranty claim

·submit order info ·submit warranty claime

3.Problem solved

·SEKA will help you through difficultiese

1.Warranty Policy

If the product has quality or defects.The replacement product will be of identical model to that of the products in warranty request. An equivalent product from the latest lineup will be provided when the requested one is out of production.

Warranty period

lifetime warrantied

SEKA brand frame set

5 Years

SEKA brand carbon fiber parts

Covers: handlebars, seatposts,  forks

2 Years

SEKA brand spare part

Covers: Top Cap ,Bottom Bracket, Direct Mount Derailleur,etc.

What warranty covers

Failure and damage under normal usage

Failure and damage under normal usage There is little but inevitable chance that a SEKA product fails due to manufacturing imperfection. Whenever such unfortunate scenarios happen, SEKA would make free repairs or replace your product at our cost.

Replace & repair

We apologize for your misfortune. We prioritize your requests to return and replace. While waiting to ship your product back to us, you may continue to use only if there is no potential threat to safety. We advise you contact our customer service and follow our instructions, and provide ETD of your shipment.

Replacement product instructions

SEKA will repair or replace the specific part of an affected product. For example, we will only deal with the frame if there are any problems with it, leaving the fork, seatpost or any other normal parts stay with you.

For products out of production

SEKA keep a low stock of history models for potential needs. The replacement product will be of identical model to that of the products in warranty request. If there is no stock, SEKA will provide new type after consultation with customers.An upgrade with compensated price is available. Please find out more via customer service.

Return of imperfected product

All imperfected products should be returned to SEKA to avoid future circulation and influence to other users. SEKA promise to analyze the failures before they are registered and destroyed. For cases that returns are not applicable, images and video footages of destruction must be provided.

Shipping costs and shipping precautions

SEKA will afford your loss including shipping fee and tariff occurred within the following regions:

USA, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Danmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Australia

For users who purchased your SEKA product in mainland China, you may need to afford the fee in request to ship your replacement to any destinations other than mainland China.

Please contact our customer service and follow our instructions to carefully protect and return your SEKA product.


We are deeply sorry for your misfortune and provide a gift to compensate your time and concerns.(Please contact our customer service)


Paint surface

Normal wear in paint under normal use.

Accidents and accidental collisions, improper product use

Damage due to accidental impact or inappropriate use such as but not limited to crash, fall from height, insecure deposition, acrobatic performance, etc.

Carbon fiber texture

For products with clear paint, the raw carbon look may differ but still meet our standards of quality. In case you have any problem with such products, please submit your return claim before installation and use. Any used and worn products will not be replaced.

Damage by unapproved alteration to the original structure, or by wrong installation failing to follow SEKA’s instructions

Damage due to inappropriate use such as but not limited to tire pressure out of suggested range, bolts over-tightened, seatpost not meeting minimum insert instrucion, etc.

Frame protection film may affect the oxidation of paint so that color.

Frame protection film may affect the oxidation of paint so that color decay may differ from one place to another. What’s more, the removal of protection film may tear the paint because of uneven adhesive force of the film.

Wear and tear under use

Wearing parts such as but not limited to bearings, tires, inner tubes, shifting cables, bar tapes, braking pads, saddle, cassettes, chainrings, etc.

Serial number deliberately damaged or falsified.

Damage due to a force majeure event.

2. Submit application

Collect information
and contact us

1.Please provide the following to us:

1.Close-up images and video footages that properly show the conditions of the damaged part.
2.Overview images and video footages of the product.
3.An image of the serial number/track number printed on the product.
4.The model, size and color of the product.
5.A description of the damage and failure of the product.

2.Reach SEKA Bikes or a licensed retailer.

For users in China:
1.Contact your retailer.
2.Contact SEKA Bikes’ WeChat account.
3.Contact SEKA Bikes’ Taobao account.

For international users:
1.Contact your retailer.
2.Email SEKA Bikes

Our request will be processed and replied within three office days.


1.WeChat: ridesekabikes
2.Phone: (86)13482133752
3.Email: ride@sekabikes.com
4.Email (for international inquiry): scottsun@sekabikes.com

How to replace unused products

Any products that you are not fully satisfied with can be returned and replaced, as long as they remain unscathed and brand new, ready for a re-entry into resale.

Incident Protection Program

If your SEKA products are out of warranty unfortunately,a special offer is ready when you decide to stay with SEKA.

If your damaged SEKA products are not covered by warranty,you may purchase new ones with discount

< 2 Years
2-3 Years
> 3 Years

Only the original owner is eligible for the Incident Protection Program.
Please provide a copy of the invoice, or other certificate of purchase. SEKA reserves the right of final decision

Second-hand SEKA product owners
Solutions for disputes over warranty

For second-hand SEKA product owners

For second-hand SEKA product owners, a two-year warranty is guaranteed.

Solutions for disputes over warranty

In case that you may disagree with a declined warranty, further lab tests and
reports will be offered under requests.
Any fee occurred is charged upon test results. Please note that such tests may result
in irreversible damage to the test sample. For further details, please reach our
customer service.